Bellarke Has Come! Season 3 Premiere of The 100

A few weeks ago Twitter blew up with a popular #BELLARKEISCOMING! The hashtag was even trending for an hour or two on January 16, before it got over-run by other topics. Last Thursday, with the premiere of season three of The 100, it trended the entire hour and beyond. (#the100 #the100seasonthree)IMG_20160121_212249

RECAP: Season two ended with great anticipation for the beginning of the season three. Bellarke shippers were left hanging on when Clarke was going to come back to Bellamy Camp Jaha. She needed to figure out what she was going to do with her life after Bellamy and her pulled the lever to eradicate the Mountain Men. All the ships were coming together in a happy”ish” reunion (minus Bellarke), which brings us to the premiere of season three.

Season three opener nicely covered all the characters, plot lines, and ships. I was afraid the show would only focus on just one plot line, but I was gladly shown wrong. The beginning opened on Murphy in the lighthouse where he left off at the end of season two. One catch: It’s 86 days later. I could not imagine being stuck in a place where a man killed himself for that long! No wonder Murphy was literally going crazy until the door released and he stumbled out into the light.

He leads us to the next storyline of Jaha. Their stories had intertwined at the end of last season when searching for the City of Light. Well, I never liked Jaha very much and the season premiere did not help that much. Jaha tells Murphy he can visit the City of Light while, what seems like, meditating with a crystal/gem. Towards the end of the episode Jaha, Murphy, and A.L.I.E., the virtual woman, helps reintroduce Emori, a girl Murphy connected with in season two. I was upset with what Emori did in the end of season two, but I forgave her. I am super glad that the writers reintroduced her in season three, and I am really interested in where they are going to take it. I am starting to board the Murphy and Emori ship just because she’s the first character I feel like has a true connection and chemistry with Murphy on the show. He has developed a lot as a character (“Pain, hate, envy, those are the ABCs of me.”), and it’s time he develops more in a relationship.

Next are the characters in Arkadia: Bellamy, Lincoln, Octavia, Marcus, etc. There was very little I was confused about with the season premiere, but Arkadia was one of them. Last I knew where the Ark landed was called Camp Jaha, but in season three it’s called Arkadia. Is this the same place, or a different place? I’m thinking it’s a different place, but couldn’t figure out why they would move, the name change, etc. I have theories for if it is a simple name change: Jaha deserted them. It was called Camp Jaha in his memory as chancellor, since the Ark people thought he died up in space before he didn’t. I loved the zoom out to show the outside of the Ark where there seemed to be a marketplace-type city with beautiful gardens and flourishing vegetation. The audience also got to see the roads that were developed in the past three months. The setting was brilliantly shown throughout the episode.

Bellamy is first shown training with Lincoln, which grabbed so many hearts of Bellarke and Linctavia shippers. Bellamy gave one of his iconic speeches right away with giving Lincoln a uniform of the Ark to keep him safe. “It means what we make it mean,” is the perfect quote from his speech to summarize what season three is going to be about. The Sky Crew is going to make their symbol mean whatever they want to make it mean; just like they were in season two. Next, Bellarke shippers are introduced to a new evil:


Not many people liked it. One tweet by Queen of Books:


There is no real reason for Gina to be a part of the show besides to try, TRY, to take Clarke’s place in Raven and Bellamy’s lives. It’s evident though that Gina was not on Bellamy’s mind as soon as Marcus spoke to Bellamy about on Clarke’s trail. How do I know? The light in his eyes light up like a freaking Christmas tree on Christmas Eve when Santa visits. It was magical. Hopefully Gina doesn’t stay around too long. Her friendship with Raven was “eh” as well. I am open to character development, but minimal development in the relationship with Bellamy.

Which leads us to Clarke. Clarke is such a sweet girl that does not look good with red hair. Or as Jason Rothenberg calls it:


In season three Clarke is being referred to as the Commander of Death, and every tribe of Grounders wants her dead out of revenge. Clarke’s character is not consistent with the past two seasons. She has changed her hair color, okay I can deal, but then she is also written in as a bi-sexual character. Okay… that’s a stretch. For all you Clexa (Clarke and Lexa) shippers out there, just listen to me. The only other time Clarke has kissed is a girl is when Lexa, the Commander, kissed Clarke in season two. And even then Clarke did not want Lexa to kiss her. For the writers to go from the 2-second unexpected kiss to a full-on sex scene is crazy ridiculous. I know it’s three months later, but come on. Call me homophobic if you want, but that’s not it. It’s the lack of reality with Clarke’s character.

Linctavia is the next major ship shown in the season premiere. They didn’t get as much attention as Bellarke, but they are still prevalent. They are fighting over Lincoln wearing the uniform Bellamy gives him, and what it means to them individually. Octavia and Lincoln’s characters were separated for a while in season two, and they are trying to find their rhythm again in season three’s premiere. Octavia gets to ride a horse a lot which made me feel really happy because of one simple tweet:


Her character has obviously always leaned towards being a Grounder which is seen throughout the entirety of the season premiere. All the characters are speaking the Grounder language pretty fluently which I found impressive. It also brought out my inner-geek by seriously wanting to learn the Grounder language. (If you know how I could do that, please tell me.)

Season three is going to bring a lot of new characters on board, including the trader woman, A.L.I.E., Gina, and Shawn Mendes’ character Macallan. I knew he was going to be in the episode, but did not think he would have more than a cameo. He spoke lines! And sang a song (Any idea the title or where I could find that?)! AND GOT IN A FREAKING FIGHT! It’s like he’s an official actor on the show! I am a huge Shawn Mendes fan for his music, and I am hoping the writers keep him in the show to be a new character. The cast and writers loved having on set according to these tweets:


Season three is going to be an epic one for The 100. I am prepared and ready to cry from all the ships broken apart in the premiere when they rejoin or go through trials like none other. I am prepared to stick through Clarke’s phases. I am prepared for the second episode of the season on Thursday on the CW at 8 (central) /9 pm.




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