Poetry: Author



Write me my story.

Tell me my dreams.

Do I travel to Europe?

or stay by the streams?

Is my life heroic

Or do I stay in my jeans?

How do I know

when to stop…

and where to turn?



Tell me my loves

both grand and slob.

Does he have great hair,

or does he have dreadlocks?

Does he make me mad

or does he make me smile?

Will I know him right away

or will it be awhile?



Say I have kids.

Say I love them all!

Write in some stories

for them to hear

tumbling from my lips

to their ears

I want sweet moments

I need them now

Tell them I’m theirs

Let them hear

Forever and Always



Write in some sadness.

Draw in some tears

falling from my eyes

sprinkling the ground.

For what is life without them?

How can we know happy

without a frown?



Tell me he’s there

waiting above.

As I lay here waiting

to join my great love

how can I know

when my time will come?

How can I know

that he’s loved me still?



Finish my story.

Finish my love.

Fill in some hearts

and some cracks.

Rest a hand on their shoulders

as I look down in despair.

For though I left them

I love them still.



Finish my story.

Finish it now.

Draw in some words,

two words:

The End.


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