Semester Two and the Fun Begins

It’s day one of semester two and my workload has already increased drastically from semester one. Or so it seems. In reality it’s probably a lot less than semester one, but trying to catch up in the classes that were in the middle of a unit when the semesters changed is my number one problem.

AP United States History (APUSH) is one of those classes. I changed teachers and they are pretty close with teaching styles, but my new teacher, Mrs. G, requires notes to be taken. My old teacher… not so much. The most I had taken was with notecards. Now there’s worksheets. I have to fill out an entire worksheet from the unit we’re kinda sorta in the middle of and then do an entirely new worksheet for the next chapter. It stinks.

That’s really the only complaint I have for the semester switch. My teachers are really nice this semester, even Mrs. G. They all have so much energy. I love it when my teachers have energy. It’s like I feed off their energy, and it keeps me engaged in the learning of the class. If a teacher doesn’t have energy, then boom… I’m checked out of your class for the rest of the semester. I am regretting not taking a study hall this year, but next year will be a breeze with having plenty of them. And by plenty of them I mean one a semester. But I’ll also be department assistant for the school library.

Well this post of one of complaining and no fun at all! Not what I meant it to be. I know this semester is going to be a good one. There’s no way it can’t be because semester one has prepared me for the worst. I lost my grandmother and I went through friend-ish drama. Plus I survived day one. It can only go uphill from here because I know what to expect (ish) now. I know who’s in my classes, and I am prepared to begin this new journey. Because that’s what it is. Despite it being the middle of the school year, for me it feels like the beginning of the end of my high school career. I know I’m only a junior, but I’m starting college visits, taking AP exams, and preparing for the ACT. These all seems like a means to the end. I am prepared to make the most out of the final year and a half at my high school with friends I have just begun to make this year alone. I also get to keep some of my best friends by my side, who have been there since middle school, believe it or not.

That’s the ending I was hoping for.

Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~



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