Poetry: Hello There, Dear

Hello There Dear

Hello there Dear,

I want you to know

I want to wait

while you live your life.

I’ll live mine

over here in the corner

just reading book after book.

You go live yours.

Travel the world.

Kiss all the girls

(but not too many).

Cry at the chick flicks then

laugh it off with your friends.

Be okay with scars

(it makes you who you are).

I’ll love them each

just how they are.

I want a cultured man.

I want a lot of things

but I know it won’t be so.

I want someone funny

but I know you’ll annoy me

just as much as I’ll annoy you.

I want a fun love.



when-you-kiss-me love.

I need that feeling

when you go over

a dip in the road

really quickly

and your stomach just

drops out,

I need that feeling

all the time.

I’ll get that feeling

probably you will too,

hopefully we will.

The arguments we’ll have

can be little things

but don’t make them huge.

We can last if we learn

from our parents’ mistakes.

When we come to the end

of each other’s roads

don’t stop.

I won’t stop.

I’ll trample the grass

that has grown

right along the wildflowers

that bloom with tenderness.

I’ll trudge along

until my knees are weak,

then I’ll collapse.

I’ll see you right there

next to me.

Hello there Dear,

Just wanted you to know me.


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