Reflection on My Monday Back to Responsibility

We’ve all been in this situation: we had a long weekend or an entire week off of having responsibilities at work/school and now we have to go back. Problem is no one wants to do that.

Sunday:  I dreaded all the tests I would have coming in school and the upcoming finals. I had essays to write, flashcards to make, assigned books to finish, and about a thousand other things floating around in my head. I complained and I whined to everybody I knew about dreading not only the week back, but the entire upcoming year. I have to take two AP exams, my first ones ever, and take the ACT as a junior in high school. Not only that but I have to do college visits, applications, and scholarships. I’m having a mini panic attack every single time I think about what I want to do with my major and the rest of my life. It just seemed like no one felt what I felt. Then I talked to one of my best friends (#booksisters4ever) and we felt about the same amount of anxiety, which only added more fire to my flames of complaint. Who cared if I wasn’t the only one? I could just say that adults were being unfair.

Monday: It wasn’t nearly as bad as I imagined besides the pounding headache that was right behind my eyes. I yawned only once, which was celebrated at the end of the day. Actually, I yawned multiple times just not at school. I dragged my feet through Journalism, Chemistry, Spanish, and especially Pre-Calculus and AP United States History. In Pre-Calculus, however, my teacher was so high energy, but that isn’t what caught my eyes. What caught my attention was quotes he had on the board about coming back to school and complainers. Here’s what they were:

  1. “In this life we are all just walking up the mountain and we can sing as we climb or we can complain about our sore feet. Whichever we choose we still gotta do the hike. I decided a long time ago singing made a lot more sense.” -Unknown
  2. “A great attitude becomes a great mood, which becomes a great day, which becomes a great year, which becomes a great life.” -Unknown

These rang true in my mind, especially with the new year still fresh out of its unwrapped package. Why couldn’t I do as these quotes said to do? I am determined to figure out how to successfully finish my first semester of my junior year at high school with a positive attitude and let go of all my stresses of this upcoming year. I have people I love beside me and people I don’t know yet who I will meet in 2016. Life is young and beautiful, and I will always love it no matter how old I live to be. Join beside me in my new adventure of 2016 on this blog with #goodmood2016.

Much love, XOXO

~A Writer Named Charley~


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