The First Day


     This is my first day of having a blog. So far… success-ish?

Just trying to juggle three pets (two dogs, one kitten) while setting up and figuring out how to work this format. Not quite sure what I have gotten myself into here. Just a question, not rhetorical, for those of you who already have a blog: How do you keep doing it?

Anyways, let’s talk a little about me. Why keep reading this blog… and exploring it, too? I like to think my writing is pretty good, but others tell me it’s great. I write for my school newspaper, Satellite, where I am the Editorial Editor, and write for myself as well. And now for you. I write poetry, some prose, articles, and book reviews. (If you know someone who needs a review for their book feel free to give them my contact info.)

There’s not much else to tell you, but please feel free to go exploring in this white expanse. And keep in visiting for more updates!


One thought on “The First Day

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