Poetry: Perfect Bruises

Perfect Bruises

The world around us

is focused on beauty

on perfection

that they don’t realize

the bruises

that are a part of us

a part of them.

These bruises

are expensive

they don’t let us

breathe or walk

they won’t let us

be us.

They sit there

and watch as we

mess up

as we rub out

answers on a test

as we photoshop

ourselves into strangers

as we scratch our temples

wanting this information

wanting this perfection

to come back to us

but in reality

we don’t need the


All we need in this world

is to be us

we want to be artsy

we want to write

our own words

not some words

others put into our

own mouths.

We need to hear

that people care

we need to know

that we can be ourselves.

But we think

we need to be convincing

on the outside

to show others that we

can be perfect.


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