Poetry: Within the Silence

Within the silence


A voice speaks out

against the actions

of the chaotic world.

An opinion that doesn’t

matter to adults

but needs to be spoken.



Words getting pressed

into the malleable paper

trying to be read

yearning to be spoken.



Laughter shredding the air

creating echoes

through its peers

through lunch tables

erupting in smiles.



Pages wildly flip

taking readers into times

where anything is possible

yet something is impossible

heroes work through issues

created by society.



Feet pound and jump

right off the floor

tuning to the music

coming out of

the static of the radio

socks sliding against

the kitchen floor



Notes reverberate from

the wobbly voice box of an

amateur teenager

trying to make her thoughts

appear in the ears of others.



Headaches from hours

of countless tests

and limited sleep

trying to raise that

three letter acronym:




A relationship

full of truths and grace

“Jesus Christ is Savior”

being spoken every morning

and the eyelids close



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